• Why are we in a negative or poor CASH FLOW position

  • Why do we have such a difficult time implementing PROCEDURES and POLICIES

  • Why are our IT costs so high and yet can’t seem to get simple REPORTS from the system

  • Why are we at the mercy of the "IT GUY" to get anything done

  •  Why are we stuck with our current MARKET SHARE and may actually be losing our foothold

  •  How do we coordinate our MARKETING CAMPAIGNS with our SALES efforts

  •  Should we concentrate on INCREASING REVENUE or improving our NET PROFIT

  •  We hire the best “LEADERS”  and still can’t seem to move our Company forward

  •  Are the ASSET VALUES changing and therefore jeopardizing our CREDIT STANDING and/or LINES OF CREDIT

  •  Are my LIQUIDITY OPTIONS still available

  •  Are we in jeopardy of having our OUTSTANDING DEBT called in

  •  Are we at the point of FINANCING OPERATIONS

  •  Are there positions within our Company/Departments that are truly needed only temporarily or at all, and should we consider OUTSOURCING

  • Should we consider SELLING this Company and if so, how do we maximize its VALUE

  •  Should we PURCHASE another Company as a means of expanding our "MARKET SHARE"

  •  Why is our INVENTORY STRATEGY not improving our WAREHOUSE condition

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